The Blight of Small Business

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Google, Zoom, and HelloFresh won in 2020.  They were already winning, but now, I mean they WON.  Won big.   In a way that almost mirrors […]

A Few Top Coworking Space Lists

The Mill was recognized as one of the Top Coworking Spaces in Delaware and across the globe! In 2007, reported a total of 14 coworking spaces. In 2020, the count of […]

Nine Ways to Finding Joy in your Work

Holiday vacations are wrapping up, and maybe you are still enjoying the week off from work, or you’re sitting at the community table or in your office space at The […]

Meet Our Team: Mia Cruz

It was a pleasant surprise when we filled our spaces at The Mill faster than we expected. But that success also means a lot of work needs to be done […]

The Story Behind Our Docking Station

The Mill event space

When you walk into The Mill, we want the experience to be inspiring. The materials you see, the layout of the room, even the light fixtures have a part to […]

Behind The Mill’s Name

A customized The Mill mug with The Mill-inspired cookie and a laptop

At The Mill, we hope to play a part in shaping Wilmington’s and Delaware’s future, but our name is rooted in Delaware’s rich history. At the beginning of the 19th […]

Little Goat Coffee Available at The Mill

America runs on coffee. With 146 billion cups of coffee consumed annually, the United States is the leading consumer of this product globally. However, the country can only produce coffee […]

Find the perfect space for your needs

As The Mill continues to grow, we’ve kept the needs of our members, large and small, in mind. From private offices to a bustling community space, we’ll work with you […]

We’re two years old!

The Mill would like to thank everyone who attended our two year anniversary last week. We would also like to extend an extra thank you to those who contributed food and entertainment for our special night. […]