Find the perfect space for your needs


As The Mill continues to grow, we’ve kept the needs of our members, large and small, in mind. From private offices to a bustling community space, we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your business.

The community space as you enter The Mill, extending to the kitchen, is a bustling and active space. You will see headphones, but you will also see members heading in and out of conference rooms, making lunch, and taking a break from work to enjoy socializing. This is a space to network and to get work done in a buzzing atmosphere.

Walking down the hallway past the kitchen, you will begin to notice private offices on your left. At this point, the atmosphere becomes less noisy and more focused. In this part of The Mill, the volume is found to be quieter.

Progressing to our dedicated sit-stand desk area and small private offices, you will find the volume to be similar to that of a library, aside from some passing conversation. Phone booths are available here for calls under 20 minutes, and conversations within them are welcomed at a respectful volume.

Passing through this section, you will soon enter Phase III which boasts a stacked microwave station in our second kitchen. Noise will naturally be present here, and we ask that everyone be respectful of it carrying to our sit-stand desk section.

Please take a look at the following to ensure you are in the right spot for your visits at The Mill:

  • If you need quiet and privacy, you should be looking for an office.
  • If you need quiet but don’t mind some foot traffic and quiet discussion, you may want to check into our sit-stand desks.
  • If you make calls throughout the day, there is a chance that an office or a community membership would be right for you.
  • If you like to converse and meet new people, we welcome you into our bustling community space!

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