Meet Ryan Costin

By The Mill

Image and Professionalism: Why it Matters in Life and Business

Image and professionalism are important aspects of our lives that we often overlook. How we present ourselves to others, both in our personal and professional lives, can have a significant impact on our success. Ryan Costin, a member of The Mill, understands the value of image and professionalism and shares his insights on why they matter in life and business.

First and foremost, Ryan highlights the importance of image and professionalism in job interviews. “What you wear, how your hair is done, how you smell, all these things matter in life,” he says. “Knowing this, I can make better decisions on how to dress and how to behave. It will improve my candidacy for the position being applied to.”

Beyond job interviews, how we present ourselves can impact our overall success in life. Our image and professionalism can affect how others perceive us and, consequently, the opportunities that come our way. Ryan stresses that we must always be mindful of how we present ourselves and ensure that we are putting our best foot forward.

Cause and Effect: The Power of Our Actions

The things that happen in our lives, both good and bad, shape our future. Our actions today determine our future. Ryan highlights the importance of understanding this concept, stating that “Knowing all this will help me make better decisions today so I can build the life I want tomorrow.”

Ryan urges individuals to take control of their lives and make the necessary changes to create the future they desire. He stresses that “Nothing is accidental. Everything has a cause and, therefore, there will be an effect. Choose to create the effect by causing it.”

Communication Skills: A Superpower for Success

Effective communication is a vital skill that can significantly impact our personal and professional lives. Ryan emphasizes the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, stating, “Being able to accurately, effectively, and efficiently communicate makes life a lot easier.”

Understanding how to communicate with others can open new doors and opportunities, allowing us to better understand others and their ideas. Ryan suggests that individuals should improve their communication skills to enhance their overall success.

Finding a Mentor: A Guide Through Tough Times

Having a mentor can be invaluable when navigating the challenges of life and business. Ryan recommends finding a mentor who can guide individuals through tough times and teach them how to think about what may be happening to them.

Ryan himself benefited from a Manager In Training program (MIT) at a previous marketing firm he worked for. This program allowed him to be taught directly by business owners on how to be in their position/do their job. He graduated from the program a few months after starting and expanded his clients’ business into DE.

Lucid Millennial Inc.: Building Success from the Ground Up

Ryan’s company, Lucid Millennial Inc., is a new marketing firm in the Wilmington DE area. The company does F2F marketing for high-value household retailers and clean energy suppliers. Ryan started the business on his own and has since been growing the team each week.

Words of Advice: Taking Charge of Your Life

Ryan advises those looking to create success: “not be afraid to try new things, get uncomfortable, and challenge yourself.” He encourages individuals to be humble, continue to be students, and seek knowledge from credible sources. He stresses that individuals should put in the work as nothing will be handed to them.

Keeping the Team Excited: High Rollers and Positive Energy

Finally, Ryan shares how he keeps his team excited during early morning meetings. He takes responsibility for setting the tone with his own energy and playing urban music that the team can relate to. The team celebrates success in their meetings with High Rollers, where they give recognition to those who are doing an excellent job. During High Rollers, the team acknowledges outstanding performances by shouting out names, giving high fives, and raising their voices. They even bang on tables to increase the energy in the room. By prioritizing positivity and recognition, Ryan keeps his team engaged and excited to tackle each day.

In summary, Ryan Costin’s principles of image and professionalism, cause and effect, communication skills, finding a mentor, and keeping a positive attitude have all contributed to his success in business. By incorporating these principles into our own lives, we can all strive for success and achieve our goals.

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