Meet Our Members: Matt Eckman


You’ll find Matt Eckman working with a minimum of two monitors, code editor on one screen and (oftentimes) Slack on the other. Matt is a self-described “Programming Generalist” and is equally at home building websites, working on integrations with physical components and sensors, or working on software products. Matt’s long and storied work history makes you wonder if he should simplify his title to only “Generalist”. He’s worked at manufacturing locations, army bases, a VA records office, a moving company, and even as a bee-keeper.

Matt’s upbringing helps explain his diverse work history. He grew up in a missionary family and spent much of his youth in Argentina. He and his family traveled a lot and saw many sides of life. It’s these experiences that keep him from being tied to one job for too long. Now, Matt is fascinated with startups. He’s worked on Kurbi (, a Delaware born startup that is using technology to help guide patients through their healthcare journey. Now he’s working with multiple clients in the medical technology fields with projects ranging from websites to medical billing software. In his off time, Matt spends as much time as possible with his wife and daughter, and enjoys going to the movies and telling stories.

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