Company Profile: CompassRed


Founded in 2012, CompassRed Data Labs believes that within complex data lies fascinating insights and ideas. They work with some of the most passionate, creative data scientists, data visionaries, and data story-tellers to help dig into data to find its potential. As a company they provide unmatched service to their clients including industries and businesses like CPG (consumer packaged goods), Financial Services, and Business to Business. They help these organizations with their Data, working in the area of Data Science with Algorithms, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.  

Over the past five years, CompassRed has evolved into the embodiment of the cutting edge of their sector. Originally the company solely focussed on Social Media Data, then IoT Data, and finally grew to work with all kinds of data as they found that the combination of various data types maximizes their potential to thrive and help those around them. CompassRed has also designed a platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to easily find the answers to some of the most perplexing problems in this world.

Currently CompassRed has eleven employees headquartered at The Mill Space in Wilmington, Delaware, with an added presence in San Francisco .CompassRed raves that Delaware is one of the best places to be based because it has easy access to the Northeast corridor and major cities from Boston to DC. They say, “Delaware has a better quality of life (starter homes do not start at $1.5 million), and access to rich talent. Delaware has a level of accessibility that is far greater than many of the traditional metropolitans that one would equate to tech and data. The technical infrastructure is here and critical to our business.”

As a business that is constantly improving CompassRed is building a new type of data company that is not unlike a traditional data agency, the only difference – their focus is solely on the future of data and Artificial Intelligence. These matured realizations leverage new advances in technology and because of this CompassRed believes that they are seeing world shifting rather than merely acting on perceived hype.

What makes CompassRed stand out among the rest is that they are building their company based off an agency model. This model allows scientists and technologists to collaborate and apply their knowledge across multiple industries in an atmosphere that inspires cooperation. From this model, CompassRed has designed  a platform that will allow clients to take advantage of their innovative model and their it toward their internal organizations.  In short, CompassRed simplifies the data process while still delivering a complex array of services specific to their customer needs.

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